There are different ways you can add funds to your card. All money added to the card is done electronically, either through linking your bank account or direct deposit. The recommended way is through Direct Deposit but we also know there are some customers that may not have that available to them. 

You can add money through a direct transfer with your bank by linking your participating bank through the Plaid flow. To use this functionality, simply click "add money" in the app followed by "add an external account" and follow the prompts on screen. Remember, Kikoff does not store any log in credentials and we will never contact you to provide that information directly to us. Periodically, Plaid will require a re-authentication in order to keep the connection between account established. Whenever it is time for a re-authentication, the Kikoff App will let you know so you don’t need to worry about it yourself. 

Kikoff currently does not offer check deposit but may in the future as we continue to evolve our product offering and features.