We can help you close your account, but first we would like to provide you with some information on closing loans.

Your credit will change whenever you open or close a loan. This is because your score takes into account your total available credit and your utilization. Closing a credit line can also lower the average age of accounts on your report. The longer you have accounts open, the better.

We recommend keeping your Credit Account OPEN. Why?

  • There is no annual fee or interest rate
  • The longer the account is open, the better for your overall account history
  • Using your line of credit even as little as a couple times a year still looks good on your report

Our support agents will close your account for you at your request and you will receive an email confirmation of your account closure.

  • Please note that after the account is closed you may still receive emails from Kikoff for up to two weeks – these emails can be ignored.

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