Complete your monthly payment by logging into and going to the ‘Installments’ page on your dashboard. All monthly installments are listed on this page and you can make a payment with 1-click on the ‘click to pay’ button. Your Kikoff payment is instant and the installment will be marked as ‘paid’. 

You can see the due date of your remaining payments on this page. This page can also serve as a loan statement since it lists all installments, both paid and outstanding.

As a reminder, you can make your monthly payment up to 30 days early. For example, if your installment is due October 15th, you can pay as early as September 15th. There is no difference (either positive or negative) in paying early. It’s a good habit to pay early and not wait until the due date.

Your Kikoff payment is completely free and you do not need to link a bank account or credit card. For more information on pricing, please see our "Is Kikoff really free?" article